Systems Integration to streamline business processes

Quick Accounting Solutions uses a variety of systems that can integrate with or replace your existing administrative infrastructure and streamline your business processes.  Mostly we focus on how to gather information and load financial information in an efficient manner. 

If you haven't stopped to evaluate your business processes with a professional in the past 5 years it's probably time for a comprehensive tune up.

The emphasis for now is on collecting & loading financial data, but as Intuit advances on CRM as it did with QuickBooks Enterprise V12 so will our focus.  We usually try to keep a few tools that expand the current functions available in QuickBooks.
A few of the tools businesses seem to like are below:

*Ecommerce Automation
 - Automated Fulfillment                                       -affiliate sales so customers don't hold inventory
  -Integrated destination based sales tax         -facebook sales
  -Intuit payment gateway

*Synchronized Data & Email on Laptops

*Wide area network for sub-offices for businesses that use a peer to peer network.

If you wish to evaluate your businesses processes and use QuickBooks consulting with an Intuit Solution Provider that works as a systems integrator & accountant is an excellent choice.  Please call for a free initial consultation. 425.844.4443 or 206-504-9549.