QuickBooks Enterprise V12

What is new or different with QuickBooks Enterprise V12?

· Inventory Center                                             · Enhanced Inventory Receiving
· Serial Number or Lot Tracking                    · Automatic Price Adjustments
· FIFO Costing                                                   · Faster Form Completion
· Excel Integration Refresh                               · More Multi-User Activities
· Calendar View                                                 · More Price Levels
· Document Center                                            · Batched Invoicing for Time and Expenses
· Memorized Transactions                                 · Batched Time Sheets
· Lead Center                                                      · Up to 750 Price Levels

Why do over 85,000 Companies use QuickBooks Enterprise?

· Enhanced Reporting Customization                 · Sophisticated Inventory Capabilities
· More Productivity Tools than QB Pro                 · Expanded User Controls
· Room To Grow                                                      · Full service Support & upgrades

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