Data Services

In short if you feel your QuickBooks is too slow or you think it should be able to do something you've been told it can't do you will want to call or read further. 


Our greatest concern is with clients who are running way too slow.  If this is you, you might want  to keep on reading or call to chat rather than waiting for it to stop working.

We offer QuickBooks database management services. The owner Larry Layman started this service in 1999 by offering 48 hour database repair & password recovery services for QuickBooks. Since Intuit became more responsive with database repair and added automated password recovery we discontinued these services. We still maintain our own FTP server for fast and reliable data transfer in connection with our existing data services.
Performance issues & Data Corruption-
Over the years by performing QuickBooks data recovery services as we learned a lot about database performance issues and offer database management services designed to maintain healthy and responsive QuickBooks database files. 

Performance issues are not simply a matter of the size of your QuickBooks data file.  Processor speed, RAM & network speed can make a tremendous difference. Windows 7 is common on machines with 6 GB of RAM.  So with that said as a QuickBooks user on a network your experience simply won’t be all it should unless your router and network cards can manage 1000 MB/Sec and you are using 64bit processors.
You are not likely to hear much from Intuit directly as far as providing guidelines for what resources you should have to manage the size of QuickBooks file you have.  In general what you should know is that from the clients we have assisted performance issues tend to precede database corruption.  Also database corruption rarely occurs overnight. If you think you are going to restore a back up file from a day or two ago and everything will be fine there is a good chance you will be disappointed if you exceed the thresholds we recommend.


File size-

QuickBooks data files cannot grow to an infinite size. QuickBooks Enterprise V12 has some new and improved tools to manage file size.
Quick Accounting Solutions offers an affordable service to reduce the size of QuickBooks files.
          · The best time to make an effort to control file size is when closing a fiscal year.
          · The best time to plan for  when to make an effort to control file size is now.
General Rules for QuickBooks File Size-
In our experience as a general rule if you are experiencing performance issues and are operating on a network with QuickBooks you should consider the practices as follows:
Watch data integrity closely if  you are using-
          · QuickBooks Pro or Premier with a file size exceeding 200MB
          · QuickBooks Enterprise with a file size exceeding 500MB
Files size isn’t everything when it comes to data integrity, but if you have exceeded the above thresholds we suggest you give consideration to taking steps to manage file size and/or resources. You can still totally trash a file with smaller file sizes for a variety of reasons, but the above are good guidelines for when to pay attention to QuickBooks file size if you are not already. 
There are still some posts on the Internet by professionals selling other accounting software that state that a file over 35MB for QuickBooks is unstable and likely to corrupt.  Well maybe in the early 1990’s that was true, but it’s just plain silly to spread rumors like that just to sell expensive software.

Importing &  Exporting Service for QuickBooks is Affordable-

For most companies this is a onetime pain point or occurs rarely.  Generally that’s the type of activity business should outsource to a trusted provider.
This is a great way to dump data and reduce the size of your data file, but there can be unexpected results if you lack experience.
As an certified ISP we are a member of an exclusive community that has gone through a rigorous vetting process to be a trusted Intuit Solutions Provider.