Add-On Software for QuickBooks


There are a ton of add-ons in the market now. The list seems to grow about as fast as aps for your phone.  The most popular seem to be due to QuickBooks Enterprise V12.

             A– Advanced inventory for serial number and bin tracking
             B-  Corrigo Field Services for managing dispatching and field service workers.

If you are considering making your business more efficient by purchasing an add-on perhaps it’s time to contact a local consultant for a brief chat? You can establish a relationship by purchasing the service through us and it won’t cost you more, but you could end up with better service if you need it.

 Some of these add-ons and SAS systems can allow QuickBooks to operate in environments where only very expensive systems have traditionally operated.

The structural change to the SQL database was huge and very costly for Intuit, but it opened up huge SAS (software as service) opportunities.  The reason we are seeing so much activity in this sector is simple. SAS is often more innovative, efficient and less expensive. There is no expensive upfront cost for a major purchase. 

The other thing to consider is that there is a huge labor pool familiar with Intuit software and services so finding and training employees is relatively easy.

If you are thinking an add-on might enhance your efficiency or allow you to essentially reduce the cost of maintaining your existing financial software please call for a free consultation. 425-844-4443 or 206-504-9549